The cheaper alternative: Celine & Chloe


I have never owned a designer bag. I wish I did, but as a broke college student I just can’t afford it. Not yet at least. When Celine came out with its nano luggage handbag it kind of went viral on social media and you could see it worn by celebrities, youtubers, well-known fashion bloggers, etc… Some of them were even given one as a gift by the brand itself. Of course, most of us, regular people, were not as lucky and we had to wait for other brands to come up with their own version.

Because some of us girls cannot afford a designer bag and/or cannot justify the price,  I selected some of the best Celine and Chloe bag dupes/similar design I found browsing the web. Most of them are sold in different colors and priced between $20 and $150, so there is something for every taste. I hope you enjoy this new serie and don’t hesitate to give me feedback or suggestions, I’d love to hear what you think.

Celine Nano Dupes

Less than $150

o  o          o      o


Celine Micro Dupes


Less than $100



Chloe Drew Dupes

Less than $50


Less than $100


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