The boyfriend dress


 I rarely wear dresses but it’s been so hot lately in Cali that it actually feels kind of nice. Now that I went back into a healthy lifestyle (aka healthy food and exercising) I decided to let these legs run free more often. I’m still very far from where I want my body to look like but I’m getting closer every day. I still treat myself to some sushis or pastas once in a while though. A girl needs her carbs.

Onto fashion. I call this beautiful piece the boyfriend dress; because it looks like I stole my boyfriend’s shirt and wrapped it up around me (which probably would have been cheaper now that I think about it…). It’s very versatile and you can definitely make it a day dress as well as a night dress. Just throw on some jewelry, a pair of booties, sandals or some stilettos and you’re good to go. I wouldn’t recommend this dress for tall girls as it’s on the shorter side but if you feel comfortable with it, go for it! It’s definitely a unique piece that will get you a lot of compliments.


Dress: Storets
Boots: Asos
 Bag: Forever21
Choker (similar): Tilly’s
Rings: Tilly’s

_DSC7497 _DSC7504 _DSC7517 _DSC7523 _DSC7498

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8 responses to “The boyfriend dress”

  1. Cinzia Satta says:

    Love this mini dress with the bootie, so cute look!

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  2. I love this dress and you are right, it kind of does look like a boyfriend’s shirt tied around but so much chicer. Such a cute bag too. I love your style! xoxo, Christine

    • heycassie says:

      Thank you Christine! Indeed, it’s much nicer and probably easier to put on haha.

  3. Oh my gosh obsessed! From the length to the style, print and colors – I love everything about this!

    Love, Lindsey

  4. Iga Parker says:

    You look really great, hun! I love this outfit as well as your photos. Cheers to the photographer!


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