Spring 2016 WishList

Wish list
Spring is one of my favorite season. The temperatures increase, the flowers blossom, the days are getting longer, and most of all… I get to finally wearoveralls. While some people still have mixed feeling when it comes to overalls, I love them. I think most people don’t like them because they tend to associate overalls to the ones from the 90’s. They were usually shapeless and unflattering and most of the time worn by kids. Though, the overalls trend has evolved and you can now find them everywhere and in different (awesome) styles. These ones are from Page Denim and I love how the different mix of patches gives it the perfect lived-in look. Yup, I need them.
Besides overalls, I’ve been obsessing over the perfect white tee lately. I must have bought around twenty in the past 2 years and I still haven’t found the one. I think the key is to invest in it, just like any other basics.
The Celine bag and Louboutin pumps have been in my wish list for as long as I can remember. There is nothing more to say except that one day, they will be mine.
Sunglasses are very important where I live as it’s sunny about 95% of the year. I’ve been loving the Quay Australia brand as their style is pretty unique, specially these eye-catchers that have the perfect cat-eye frame. Finally, thewatch. The first thing that got my attention on this one is the interchangeable straps, which makes it the perfect accessory for any outfit.

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