Fashionably Late


I’m the kind of girl who has more t-shirts in her closet than she has any other type of clothes combined. Half of them are simple white tees (the search for the perfect one continues…) and the other half are white graphic tees. Am I exaggerating? Barely. Do I like white that much? Yes. Am I open to the idea of letting actual colors enter my closet? Yes (about time)! I found this baby pink tee while wandering at Forever21 and fell in love with the color instantly. Because it’s my first colored tee ever to stand next to my beloved white tees collection, I thought I would document it for you.

Oh and let’s not forget about those sneakers! Isn’t it the most adorable pair? I’m loving the sneaker trend. They’re comfortable, stylish and usually pretty affordable. These ones were a bargain and will definitely add this unique touch to any basic outfit.











Jean: H&M (here) / Shoes: Forever21 (here) / T-shirt: Forever21 (Sold out on website, still in stores)


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